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Диалог между vonRas и Matkailija
Показано с 1 по 2 из 2 публичных сообщений
  1. Matkailija
    01.12.2011 17:45
    привет! Deadline closing in, could you kindly message me in private here or via Steam?
  2. Matkailija
    04.11.2011 22:30
    здравствуйте! We at ro2.fi would have a proposal for the Russian RO2 community and to my understanding, You're part of the staff and I remember You helped me with the cyrillic font pack for RO1. Could we discuss about this privately via Steam for example? I triend sending a PM but it was denied apparently. Here's my Steam profile. If You would be so kind and add me, пожалуйста. большое спасибо!

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