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Tripwire Store
Tripwire Store
posted by [TW]Yoshiro @ 09:05PM on July 05, 2011
In amongst everything else going on this last week, there was one more that we didn't show you - the brand new Tripwire Interactive Online Store: www.tripwireinteractivestore.com! This will become your source for all sorts of gear related to Tripwire games - starting with Killing Floor. In the past, you've seen items from Glitch Gear (which will soon be available through the store as well). Now there are some new Killing Floor items to be had - including a free, limited-time offer on the "Pukey the Clown" t-shirt! So go take a look - future visitors to the Tripwire office may find themselves drinking out Horzine corporate mugs, so why don't you do the same? Go on - you know you want to hand over the dosh in return for some swag!

Предзаказ игры в 1С по цене 399 руб.
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