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Что-то вырисовывается какой-то цалл оф дути. Цветовая палитра какая-то неестественная с ударом в желтизну

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From what we can tell, little has changed from the vision as presented to us in Cologne - there's still the non-linear single-player campaign, the ten different maps of Stalingrad, the different classes, the 'Hero' status, the vehicles, squad commands, support abilities... pretty much everything you'd want on a wish list for the ultimate World War Two shooter.

The only thing we're not sure on at the moment is the current state of destructibility in the game, although touched on a little bit were the gun emplacements, and how they can be destroyed. They've also included many prototype weapons into the game that were experimented with during the war. They'll also be showing realistic tank crew animations for everyone manning the vehicles, which is a nice touch.

Т.е. игра за год почти не изменилась,спрашивается что делали

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