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Мне лениво перелистывать все страницы, так что если все об этом знают, то жму вам руку.

Но. В курсе, что в игре будет MP-40II (стандартный МП-40 с двумя обоймами) и штыки в качестве анлоков?

Штыки нужно анлочить!
Ебануться можно.

In true to life history Bayonets and drum mags are standard issue but in a game (relaxed realism mode) it's something you gain from experience.

Расслабься,вся эта поебень с анлоками и геройством будет только на петушиных серваках. Для остальных есть хардкор.

Ну и собственно полный пост,где объясняют как всегда дико странную позицию разработчиков
I don't see where the issue is. To but it simply we're catering to two different sides of the fence. There's one side that wants load outs standard issue equipment and that's important to them and their experience. We offer that. Then there's the other side of the fence that only cares to feel like their in a real war, use real tactics and is fine with abstracting certain elements to make the game fun and addictive like progression, becoming a hero and getting to use rare gear that only a select few would ever get there hands on. In real life there are hero's people of exception skill and respected by their fellow soldiers, our goal is to capture that. All while still keeping the game play realistic and true to RO's form. For better or worse we always try to push things and take risks. This is one of them and we'll be watching it closely to see how it's received once the game is released.
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