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Владеет ли кто информацией по поводу вопроса: будет ли для владельцев Deluxe версии также на 2 недели отодвинуто участие в бета тесте?
So I'm seeing a lot of people asking "why don't you just announce the date of the DDE beta"? Actually it is more along the lines of "you guys know when the beta will be, just tell us!!!" We do have a target date for the DDE beta, but it's not set in stone. What day it starts on depends on how quickly the current batch of bug fixing gets completed. In other words, if we give you a date right now and it moves, you'll just be disappointed. So we're going to wait until we're ready to announce the date. Those that ordered the DDE will get a lot of time with the game before it ships, and we'll give you a date as soon as WE have a firm date.
Ну вот собсна
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