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Ну что комрады бета для ддл стартует видимо в след., понедельник.

really this is the translation:

Red Orchestra 2: five hundred hours to become a hero of Stalingrad
Through 1C's booth, I went to talk to Alan Wilson to understand a little better system up Red Orchestra 2. All players start at level 10 and can climb to the maximum level where they become heroes. By the way, they unlock something to change their appearance to look more seasoned on the battlefield, as well as some equipment, but nothing like BFBC2 or CoD: senior players have virtually no advantage over newcomers.

If players teamkill much they will lose rank, but it will really do it on purpose to fall below the 10 level. If desired, administrators can set their servers to accept only players ranked between such and such place. Knowing that it is impossible to create an account to buy unless the game on Steam, the system should curb the enthusiasm of teamkillers.

To achieve the maximum level should be about 400 to 500 hours. Of course, it depends a lot on how you play, because the best players will win more points and climb so quickly. Some beta testers have become heroes after only three weeks ... "They play one hundred hours a week. I'm glad they like the game, but it still worries me a bit. Have they for life" asks Alan.

They may not be life, but they are heroes. Though not enough to reach the maximum grade to become a hero in a game, there can be only one hero in each camp and the title is awarded to the player with the most points moral in his career.

I also asked Alan if the semi-private beta will start soon: they are next week, but prefer to announce the date the night before to ensure that players do not spend a sleepless night waiting for anything in the event that a problem of last minute
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