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Exclamation RO2:Ladder открыт для регистрации команд и игроков

Приятная новость! Начал свою работу совершенно новый RO:HOS Ладдер сайт по тому же адресу =>

It's been a long time since we started the project to create a fresh RO:Ladder site for RO2:HoS, but after coding several thousand lines of Ruby on Rails, CSS and Javascript and working uncountable hours at graphical design it's finally done!

After the old website has been on duty for quite a few years and was kinda flawed here and there, we decided to build up this version from scratch. The new RO:Ladder is from ground up custom tailored to the needs of a competitive scene and offers lots of worth seeing features to provide a more active and interesting community. Therefore we're very happy to welcome you on our new website and we're awaiting all the old veterans from Red Orchestra:Ostfront 41-45 and plenty new teams from other games finding their way to RO:Ladder. Only a short while after the release of Heroes of Stalingrad we will kick off the most thrilling and diversified competitions for the Red Orchestra series.

The actual state of the website is by far not the ending of the development, despite the core features are already up and running, we have a long list of things we'd like to implement during the next weeks and months. For this reason and to enhance the website we'd like you to send us plenteous feedback about the functions, bugs or even ideas about new features.

Welcome to the all new RO:Ladder!

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