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А че это про пэтч никто не написал ?
-New maps (Commissar's House, Station, Spartanovka, Pavlov's House)-Client Performance Optimizations
-Client and Server crash fixes
-Improvements to hit detection
-Punkbuster Anti-Cheat can now be used by servers and is on by default
-Added enable PunkBuster setting and PunkBuster disabled warning in Server Browser
-Removed the ability to swap teams from the class select menu. Instead, there is now a button to open the team select menu. This will reduce some confusing 'Role is taken' messages.
-Adjustments to weapon unlocks for each class. Veteran marksman now unlock semi auto sniper rifles, veteran anti-tank now unlock satchels, and more.
-RO1 players will now get automatic bayonet upgrades for the Kar98 and Mosin rifle without needing to level these weapons first.-Mid-game map voting will now immediately change maps if enough players vote.
-Fixed some reloading issues for weapons with stripper clips (G41, Kar98, etc)-Fixed problems with enemy spotted from inside a tank
-Fixed occasionally seeing your dead self with no head or arms
-Fixed an exploit with cover allowing super speedy firing for rifles
-Fixed getting stuck inside geometry in some places when mantling
-Fixed glitchy camera view when rotating into a wall while prone
-Fixed an issue with map boundaries during Firefight sudden death
-Several spawning bugs squashed
-Fixed some issues with player progression
-Added sorting by column to the Server Browser-Fixed server crashing due to Steamworks not being properly cleaned up
-Fixed server crashing when using PunkBuster UCON system
-Fixed Ranked vs. Unranked issues. It really works this time. Really Really
-Fixed some Spawning and Role Selection issues
-Fixed VOIP notifications not appearing and often crossing Public/Team channels
Video Settings menu refinement
-Added ability to cancel changes
-Exposed Ultra texture quality settings to only machines that have enough memory
-New Occlusion Culling Graphical Setting - higher setting will have less object "pop-in" but be slow (original default in previous beta), normal setting will run better but have a bit more object "pop-in" (New default). Will provide significantly better frame rates on normal setting.
-The maximum video setting a system will be assigned on startup is high.
-Added MaxAnisotropy of 16 to Ultra texture settings
-Added 'stat perfdump' console command to get better information about poor performance people are seeing.
-Memory Optimization for 32 bit machines.
-Fixed exploit of glowing characters on low shadow settings-Ping now shows in the scoreboard
-Fixed binoculars not working properly when a non-standard ironsights FOV was set on rifles
-Modified network relevancy checking to reduce characters popping in
-Added the ability to enable and disable VAC for servers on the commandline (overrides what is in the ini files). To enable VAC add the switch -VACSECURED to your commandline. To disable VAC add -NOVAC to your commandline.
-Added the ability to override the automatically calculated Steam query port. Use SteamPort=<OverridePortNumbe> on your commandline. Note: Has not been heavily tested, use at your own risk
-Fixed an issue with AI swapping positions while a player was dead and waiting to take over positions in a tank. This made it appear that some positions were "coming back to life"
-Fixed some vehicle AI bugs
-Fixed not being able to kill the hull MGer or tank gunner in the Panzer IV if they were a human player
-Created an intelligent system to grab bullet from partial clips before moving on to whole clips. This prevents you from ending up with all of your clips having just a few rounds missing.
-Fixed getting bullet whizzed by guys that are not even facing you (I.e. shooting away from you). Also fixed double replication of some hit impacts/bullet whizzes.
-Refined speedhack detection to have less false positives

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