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Re: [TWI Serveradmins] New patch pings?
От кого: John Gibson <john@tripwireinteractive.com>
Кому: Vader_666 <vader667@gmail.com>
Копии: serveradmins@list.tripwireinteractive.com
9 сентября 2011, 21:02
There is an issue with punkbuster when the map changes, it appears to be causing the server to lag out. For now, turn punkbuster off, and we're working with Evenbalance on a fix for this issue.

On Fri, Sep 9, 2011 at 11:56 AM, Vader_666 <vader667@gmail.com> wrote:

Same Here, the last update is barely unplayable beyond 25 players.

2011/9/9 Helge-Mikael Nordgård <helge@helges.net>

Den 09.09.2011 04:23, skrev Major General Stephen Carter:
> Since the new patch today our server is experiencing, very weird ping results. The pings have been much higher than before, occasionally being upwards of 900 however, it’s been sporadic in nature. CPU usage is the same when its occurring vs not, and I noticed it with the server only having 10 people in there.
> Anyone else seeing this?
Yup I got exactly the same problem. Before patch, everything ran smooth, after patch the server gets incredibly unresponsive, especially at the startup of maps!

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[TWI Serveradmins] Punkbuster Update Releease to address RO2 Beta Server Lag issues
От кого: John Gibson <john@tripwireinteractive.com>
Кому: TWI Server Admins <serveradmins@tripwireinteractive.com>, Half-Life dedicated Win32 server mailing list <hlds@list.valvesoftware.com>
Сегодня, 05:47

Evenbalance has just released an update for Punkbuster that should address the issues with the RO2 Beta Server getting lagged out on map changes. So please if you have disabled Punkbuster re-enabled it on your server, then restart your server to help us test the fix. Note: It may take 20 minutes or so for Punkbuster to autoupdate and apply the update on the server. So you may still see some lag for the first map change or two. After that the issue should be resolved and you should no longer get big lag issues when maps changes with punkbuster installed.

Please not you DO NOT have to update through HLDS, Punkbuster will update itself automatically. When the update is downloaded and auto-installed, you will eventually get a message in your log with the updated version numbers that says:
Log: PunkBuster Server: PunkBuster Server for HOS (v1.834 | A1371 C2.275) Enabled

If it says older version numbers the server is still waiting to download the update, so just keep checking the log. I appreciate your patience while we get these issues sorted out.


John Gibson
Tripwire Interactive

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