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Lightbulb Патч от 19.09.11

Вот что они "исправили":
Bug Fixes
-Fixed a bug where players could spawn without a class
-Fixed a bug with auto reloading when using a manual bolt rifle
-Minor performance improvements

Level/Gameplay Fixes
Pavlov's House
-Added wall to block line of sight to one of the Allied tank spawns
-Allies now correctly get a forward spawn when capturing Zab's House
-German spawn protection was toned down to prevent Allied attackers in inside of the Voyentorg from being killed by spawn protection when objectives changed hands

Commissar's House
-Gave Allies 40 more reinforcements
-Default Allied spawn in more directly in line with Building 81
-Moved one of the initial Axis spawns back further from the Water Refinery
-Increased spawn protection and no artillery volumes for Allies
-Various cover fixes


Никому ненужные правки, херней маются

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