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Один плюс есть - можно будет сравнить с альфой и оценить объем проделанных работ и уже на этой основе судить о том,что нас ждет

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General Beta Info
Beta will not start at 00:00.

Between 2-3 gig beta client.

You can not UPDATE alpha client you need to re-download the new Beta Client.

Netcode is totally rewritten and new.

No level limit @ beta.

Cant join as a Squad if the Team is full so battlelog groups won’t get split.

Gameplay Info
Autoheal on all vehicle’s after 10-15sec.

Vehicles autoregeneration ONLY under 75% Health.

Unlocks are for WEAPONS not for the classes you can not unlock red dot sight on gun1 and use it on gun 2.

Operation Metro got changed and has a new Layout, thats why they want to test balance again.

You have more then 1 knife animation, from behind, on the ground and you can NOT counter the knife attack.

You can still throw grenades to hear enemys yell.

You can not cook grenades.

You can join with friends on a server.

Friendly fire is On as the default setting.

Misc. Info
You can use 3 screens if you have enough graphic power.

Next 1-3 weeks will be talking about new maps.


No Bombs on Jets.

When you get kicked you can see the reason in Battlelog.

Ranked Servers can be changed to unranked Servers.

Battlelog application for iPhone.

Battlelog can be updated without patching the game so we can get new stuff faster.

No weather or time changing in game.

No comment on the Battlerecorder.

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