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-Fixed a bug which would sometimes cause the first click (fire, alt fire, or
ironsights) after respawning to not register.
-Player stats will now save at the end of each round in addition to the end
of the match.
-Minor tweaks to the high end of the honor level ranking. While some very
high level players may notice an honor level change their earned XP is
unaffected by this update.
-There is now a console command for any players wishing to manually do a
stats reset. The command is 'ResetStats' and must be followed by your steam
nickname for confirmation (in quotes, case sensitive) <ResetStats
"SteamNickname">. The .ini setting for resetting stats has been disabled to
prevent any accidental resets.
-Fixed a problem with music in countdown where the morale state (and music)
would jump around and transition too often.
-Fixed neutral objectives showing up in the compass as Allied objectives.
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