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В стиме очередное бла-бла от TWI про ход работ над допиливанием игры. Как обычно никакой конкретики, а только многочисленные повторения,что работают не вынимая

As to Red Orchestra 2, work continues on all fronts. We are investigating the stutter/micro stutter issue. We have some early promising results and are testing some things now to improve the situation. We continue to work on other performance improvements, but this should be the first one to make it out the door in the near future.

Work has also been done on improving the Occlusion quality system resulting in better performance when using the lower settings. The most improvement will be seen when using sniper scopes.

As far as maps go, we have made changes to maps to work on the spawn camping issue that many players are reporting. The level design team has also balanced out the role availability differences between infantry only and combined arms maps.

Last but not least we are nearing the end of the beta stage of our SDK and will release it to all RO 2 owners with code publishing support.

As to the future, we are working on the features that did not make launch including Multiplayer Campaign and several additional clan match systems. The design team is also taking in community feedback and is looking at potential changes to gameplay. We'll have more on this in the future as more gets done on these.
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