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In Winter War (39-40) that was more common. Soviet officers were inexperienced, they
had heck of rush as on plans of Soviet headquarter Finland should be conquer in two
weeks. Also many Soviet soldiers were from west Soviet Union, so they didnt had any
experience from snow or skiing.

Like Finnish High-Commender Marshall Mannerheim said:
Soviet soldiers are brave but lead like orchestra where instruments doesnt play together.
Sometimes they start with infantry attack, when infantry starts to retreat tanks come to
battlefield too late and finally when everything is allready over their artillery just starts.

That lead to battles like Raate Road, which is worst example from Soviet point of view.
Finnish infantry troops encirceled Soviet 44th division which where from Ukraine if i remember right.
Because 44 th division was motorized division it couldnt move anywhere
from the small road. So Finnish troops encirceled it and then splitted it to smaller parts
and finally just waited that Soviet soldiers who didnt had proper winter gears freeze out.

On Continuation War 41-44 (which is where our mod takes place) Soviet troops
were much better lead. And man balances were much more even.
Most of what has been described - I know. But anyway thanks for the detailed answer, but I was more interested in how the advantages of the Finnish army will be displayed in the game.

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