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Well if i understood right you speak more about history than game itself.
How ever its nice that Karelian Front cause some discussion.

And its nice that part of you want to be polite. My personal opinion is that
we could do some co-operation with Russians. How ever many times that is
little bit hard because we look history from different angle. And its even harder
if some people believe that they know the truth.

Like Napoleon said "History is a set of lies agreed upon"

So i can take example Bible, its just one book, but there is over 100
different ways to interpret it. And i would be an asshole if i would say
that i read it rightway as Lutheran and everybody else like Catholics and
Orthodoxs read it wrong way.

And thats just one book. There is millions of history book.
As i believe we base our knowledge about history to books,
nobody havent actually been there in 40's.

But once again keep conversation up and i try time to time read it.
Also one important question is what would Russians want to see in that game?
Вот потому я предлагаю читать Википедию. Чтоб не заморачиваться с "разными источниками".
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