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You know, Susi, I bet you do realize, that even our bibles are different in content, and I bet, that you pray upon yours. So don't be an asshole, calling someone else an asshole for the mere fact of having his own belief, even if you, personally, don't have one - show us, pathetically uneducated and awfully biased rude people, some good example of tolerance, instead of showing us this demonstrative lack of your own bias, which is so irrationally silly, that doesn't even cause a laugh, just a petty.
Oh, and since I favor writers more, than dictators, this quote is closer to my heart: "He who controls the past controls the future, and he who controls the present controls the past". I bet you know, who that belongs to, and you don't just use google (!), wright? yeah, we're living in a wonderful time, when any ignorant motherfucker can google any sort of shit in less time, than it takes him to realize, what the fuck he had just googled.

Anyway, the previous discussion, or a notice more likely, had nothing to do with "the truth they know" or with you:
You're doing the mod? - Fine! Good luck to you on that!
But don't start any sort of preaching about how other people should picture the past - it's supposed to be a personal prerogative, unless you're planning to pose some sort of mind-dictate upon others.

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