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No i'm not kidding. My friend read it when we were in basic school 15
years ago and said that it was good. So i decided to read it, but its still

But in this world i have maybe only one advice for you and it is.
Do not tie your national pride or respect for ancestors to how well they
did in war. Because war is most inhumane thing. Im quite sure
that they want you be proud of and remeber their human side.

When i was in basic school, every independence
day local veterans came to talk with us about the war. And i remember
that one story, veteran told us how they had same potato field with russians.
Every morning they went to that same field, russians got northern part and
finnish got southern part and they both raised potatoes for the day and
went back to own lines. And they had that same potato field for weeks.

And i, who was only a kid, little bit longer than foam extinguisher looked at
that veteran and asked "They were enemies, why didnt you shooted them
and took the whole potato field."
And veteran was just smiling to me and said "Well, there was enough potatoes
for all of us."

Thats something i wanna remeber from my ancestors. There is enough potatoes
for all of us, if we just want to share them.
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