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I love advices - they always come from people you know well, those who most definitely earned your respect, don't they?... Well, in this world at the least.
I wasn't trying to make my fellow countrymen be proud of thy ancestors, because of how they did in the war - but just pointed out, that they should be proud of them, for our ancestors were great people, who never deserved to be shamed of, as they regretfully are by some ill-minded people, who, in their turn, are usually not worth a shit, that comes out of their own ass. I'm pretty sure, that's rather a global problem, but since I am russian, I'm more concerned about it amongst my folk, than amongst any other. Yes - I am russian, and I'm proud of that, and wouldn't change my russian origin, and my dear homeland for the paradise even, as Sergei Yesenin, one of our great poets, wrote in one of his poems.

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Anyway, that's too much off-topic already, so I should make you one advice in return: continue any sort of a discussion of that sort via personal mail, if there should be a need, or desire ;D

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