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Как и было обещанно, ладдер закрыт.

ROLadder.net - formerly the largest and most active Red Orchestra community for competitive gaming - will be closing its doors. This was neither a simple nor an easy choice and as such, we would like to offer an explanation as to our reasoning behind this decision.

ROLadder.net was founded in the summer of 2004 by Worluk and Yankee: passionate players of the UT2K3 mod Red Orchestra whom shared a vision of creating a website for the community and a platform for competition within the game.
Thanks to the immense work of many community members, the small project evolved to become the center of the Red Orchestra clan community. Larger multi-game competitors such as Clanbase, TWL and ESL were unable to establish themselves against the Red Orchestra specialist ROLadder.net. During the last seven years, ROLadder.net has hosted multiple ladders, leagues, nations' cups and winter cups. We have seen great matches, hot-tempered debates and the formation of strong friendships in our community.
With the release of RO:Ostfront's successor - Heroes of Stalingrad - and the assurances Tripwire Interactive, we expected that the community would be able to grow, resulting in greater competition and a better all-round experience for the clans involved. The RO:ladder staff decided to build an all-new website to bring the website up-to-date and lead ROLadder.net into a new era.

Before the release of RO2, it was the intention of ROLadder.net improve our relations with Tripwire Interactive and build a mutually beneficial bond, which would allow the site to quickly provide a stable and polished competitive arena. Despite numerous emails, IRC messages, tweets and forum messages, our various inquiries and requests were all either ignored or outright rejected.
Shortly after the release of the new game, the developers announced that they would be donating $12,000 prize money to the fledgling Scorched Earth Tournament. Although it is the prerogative of the developers where they spend their money, we at ROLadder.net are only human and were very disappointed to be overlooked as tournament hosts, particularly as we have tried hard to sustain and develop the community despite a lack of external assistance. Upon asking the developers if they were able to provide feedback on why ROLadder.net was not chosen to host the tournament, we were asked to stop insulting Tripwire in public and were subsequently considered 'persona non grata'.
The lack of co-operation from the developers made it very difficult to prevent resentment building up amongst the admin staff, many of whom felt insulted that the time and effort they had put into helping the community was being treated with such disdain.

Although it had become clear that future assistance from Tripwire was going to be absolutely minimal, we decided to continue working on ROLadder.net in the hope that the developers would eventually fulfil their ambitious pre-release claims.
It quickly became apparent upon release that the game was far from ready and even after several months, the game still lacked polish and critical features necessary for competitive matches. Numerous small bugs, free roaming of dead players, spawning on squad leader, the complete lack of the promised ROTV and demo recording presented a very tough challenge to overcome: a problem further compounded by the fact that the release state of the game led to a rapidly eroding player pool.
Furthermore, the RO2 SDK was unavailable at release and for months after, rendering it impossible for our staff to implement the desired features and bug fixes in lieu of developer assistance. Another problem caused by the unfinished state of the game at release was the complete inadequacy of the anti-cheat measures. Unfortunately, it was proven that the time and effort required to reliably identify and remove a dishonest player from the competition was so large that ROLadder.net was effectively unable to host any meaningful tournaments while the game remained in the same state.

To conclude, we regret that Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad was not the game we expected at release and certainly not a competitive platform due to numerous bugs, balance issues and short-sighted design flaws. These circumstances have left us with a shadow of the game we hoped to have six months ago. The ever-shrinking player base has caused many new and old clans to fold and activity has now reached an almost-total standstill. We do not think it is possible to keep the community alive with the game in its current state, the dwindling playerbase and a complete lack of developer support.

We have enjoyed our work with and for you: the ROLadder.net community. We would like to thank all admins, programmers, web designers, news posters, forum moderators and broadcasters at this point. Your great efforts and dedication to ROLadder.net have helped keep the site running for as long as it has. Finally, thanks to all participating clans and users who have taken in ROLadder.net competitions over the years: you formed the heart of the community and we are glad you came along for the ride.

"Game over, man! Game over!"
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