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Так всегда бывает если разработчики идиоты и не знают как надо работать с фанатами, которые играют уже по 7-8 лет. Ориентация на толпу петушни из КоД и прочего дала свой результат.

Ответ разработчиков, если кому интересно. Самое интересное, что одновременно с созданием темы, где был опубликован ответ разработчиков, была закрыта тема, где было написано объявление от РО ладдера. Так что на форуме для обозрения пользователей остается тема, где есть только точка зрения ТВИ. Стандартная ситуация для гейбара под названием ТВИ

By now many of you may have seen the news that RO Ladder is closing via a news post on their website. We are sad to see them go as RO Ladder has been a fixture in the community for a long time. What saddens me even more though is for them to take a parting shot on the way out, particularly one that is so full of flat out lies and distortions.

The posting on the RO Ladder website would have you believe that TWI blew off the RO Ladder crew, did absolutely nothing to support competitive play, did nothing to support anti-cheat, etc. All of these things couldn't be farther from the truth. First lets take a look at our relationship with RO Ladder.

From the early stage of development of the game we met with members of the RO Ladder team to formulate a plan for features to support competitive play. Our design for competitive play features was almost completely based off of feature requests by the RO Ladder team and documents that they gave us with their requests. In fact a large amount of development time was spent implementing these requests. Everything from spectating options, having options to modify the win conditions for territory mode, having the ability to force weapon and class levels to be equivalent, customizability of hud options, and more were all features requested by RO Ladder and implemented by TWI. In fact we implemented about 80% of the features that they requested before we shipped the game. Yes not all features requested and planned for were able to be implemented by launch. This is the reality of game development - you can't do everything you want to do before shipping the game or you will never ship the game. And many more came on line after shipping including server side demo recording, server side screenshot capability through anti-cheat, special specating modes to support shoutcasting of matches, and more.

I have the utmost respect for many of the crew at RO Ladder. But the sad truth of the situation is that there are a few members of the RO Ladder team who are very unprofessional to the point that it made us not want to deal with them. A prime example of this was when the Scorched Earth tournament was announced. For some reason some of the RO Ladder guys jumped to the conclusion that we were only going to support the Scorched Earth tournament and took to the internet in full on flame mode. In reality we had budgeted money to support both a Scorched Earth tournament AND an RO Ladder tournament, and were just waiting to hear from the RO Ladder guys to work out the details.

Unfortunately the actions of some of the RO Ladder members just took a turn from the worse from there. One members started an "I hate Ramm" group on Steam solely dedicated to hating on me and Tripwire. Additionally some of the RO Ladder crew had decided that the best way to get what they want from Tripwire is to publicly flame me and the company as often as possible.

Over 5 months ago I talked to the leadership of RO Ladder and let them know despite the actions of some of their members that we would still like to work with them. I let them know if they could get their staff's flaming under control (i.e. take down the "I Hate Ramm" Steam groups, etc) and have their staff get with me to work out the issues that we would be happy to sponsor a tournament with them. They said they would do this, but they never did get back in touch with me after that.

Again a few weeks ago when rumors started going around that RO Ladder would be closing down I once again reached out personally to the leadership of RO Ladder and let them know that my offer still stood, and that we still had money set aside to sponsor their tournament. This e-mail also went unanswered.

At the end of the day I am very sad to see them go. It seems to me that in the case of RO Ladder a few bad apples have ruined it for their whole team which has hurt the clan community due to the actions of a few misguided individuals. From our side, we just can't work with people that are essentially slapping us upside the head with one hand, and then putting the other hand out asking for money. It would be like punching your girlfriend in the face and then asking her to give you a kiss right after - it just doesn't work.

From our end we'll continue to do what we can to support the clan and competitive community. The $12,000 Scorched Earth tournament is down to the finals and will be coming to a climax soon. We'd be happy to get behind any ladders/clan systems that approach us so people should definitely contact us if they've got ideas. We've got big plans for the game moving forward, much of which we've been sharing with the community. The ride for RO2 has just begun and things are just going to get more interesting from here.

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