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снова обновилась бета, вот список изменений:
Updated all versions of the map (AD / NEU / CD / FF).
Terrain work.
Cover additions and fixes.
Moved several Countdown spawns around.
Fixed last objective AI spawning issue in Countdown.
Added Navmesh to all interior bunkers and dugouts.
Moved more Squad Leader spawns into trenches and safer locations.
Improved lighting in all underground areas.
Added two specialized fixed machine gun bunkers to the first objective area in the Attack / Defense version.
Fixed Firefight spawning issues.
Additional detail work.
Fixed recapturing spawn issue in the Neutral version.
All destructibles should properly show up as destroyed for all players now.


Spawn on Squad Leader has been improved significantly and should result in better locations for spawning picked
Spawn Protection-When inside a spawn protection area when it gets enabled you will have 10 second to get out instead of 5
Added native voice to radio confirmations when native voices are turned on
Fixed 10 second spawn protection killing after only 6 seconds


(Work in progress) Voting menu improvements including easier to read lists and more intuitive voting.
Added player name to all chat boxes in escape menu
Tank icons on the overhead map and mini map are shown instead of the generic icon for teammates
Fixed 2 spawns being auto selected in the spawn menu after spawning on squad leader for the first time
In the team select menu player list tooltips no longer appear for empty teams
Fixed the spawn queue timer always being 0 for the Commander in the tactical view
Fix for the respawn timer being 0 under certain conditions in the spawn menu

размер обновления 2.383,3мб

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