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Список изменений:

* Added the ability to select a weapon upgrade in the class selection menu rather than always spawning with the highest unlocked version. This change only applies to servers running normal, realism, or custom with bClassicWeaponLoadout=FALSE.
* Satchels are now easier to throw into small spaces
* Squad leaders now have their choice of sidearm in RO Classic
* Fixed cover having priority over mountable machine guns when using the 'Interaction' key
* Fixed a bug where Machine Gunners had a stuck camera when deployed in some areas. This was most prominent in Mamayev.
* Fixed weapons firing blanks after taking over a bot in Countdown
* Enemy spotted can no longer be used to spot enemies through walls
* Setting DepthOfField=False in the INI doesn't turn off other post process effects
* Slight improvements to collision while prone (mostly in or near trenches)
* Significant performance improvements for client and server


* (Work in Progress) Server browser changes
o Fixed a problem causing some servers (random each refresh) to be missing from the list.
o Fixed the blank map name column
* Modified the settings menu to display the proper aspect ratio adjusted values for the FOV setting. Before the menu only listed the FOV values for 4:3 aspect ratio. This incorrectly led poeple to believe that the FOV was lower than it actually was in game. For example, if the FOV value in the menu was set to 70 (using the 4:3 FOV values), at a standard widescreen aspect ration of 16:9 the players in game FOV was beind adjusted to 86 degrees.
* A few items on the HUD have been shifted to reduce overlapping (spawn queue, squad list)
* Double-clicking a class name will now quick select it with the default loadout
* When holding a voice chat key the HUD now shows what channel you are speaking in
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