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@Admins: Cheaters on the Server

Hi guys, finally i checkt out how to register your forums.
I dont speak russian, so it was hard to translate the page.

In the last time both Dod:S Servers have massive cheating problems.

I hope you know about the mygot page.
There are some players called [myg0d]Playername
These Players use Aimbots, wallhacks, and Speedhacks.
This players are banned from VALVE Servers, they are banned from many Private Servers, on the homepage of mygot, members can download cheats.

One of this players is [myg0d]Badazz, he is top ranked too.
If you dont belife me check the logs, and search mygod clan in google, u will found the servers were they are banned and seen.
I prefer to Ban the name myg0d and mygod
the "Clan" or whatever is only about cheating.

Secondly today night some other Players use speedhacks too:
Coolanm60000 says he will turn it off, and then next round the speedhack was faster.

and someone that changed his username to camelot, when i say that someone uses speedhack.
U will see camelot kill camelot in the logs, he [axis] killed me [alli]

I hope u can ban the known nicknames of cheaters.

Thanks for reading this
camelot вне форума