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Prototype 2 PS3 review scores 9/10 in Official PlayStation Magazine UK

So, good then. The online embargo for the full Prototype 2 review isn’t until 4pm on the 24th so you’ll have to wait for the full details. In the meantime I can share a few choice cuts of what our reviewer had to say.

Writer Rob Taylor describes Prototype 2 as, “the ultimate manifestation of comic book violence”. The sandbox gameplay sees you playing as a mutated soldier called Heller, using his shape-changing powers to avenge the death of his family.

That means jumping and slicing your way through crowds of civilians, soldiers and monsters, or using weapons, tanks, helicopters and other vehicles. The options are plenty and Taylor says, it’s got “a menagerie of new tricks up its gene-spliced sleeves”.

“The combat recalls GOW meets Arkham City, though it’s far more simplistic,” he explains. While it’s not perfect – “The oft-repeated dodge moves and finishers against tougher identikit enemies grate before the end”- it is, according to Taylor, “a far stronger game in every aspect than the original and a compelling counterpoint to Infamous 2″. He closes by describing it as, “a gore-packed sandbox masterpiece”. There’s a box quote if ever I heard one.


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