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Сегодняшнее (27/04/2012) обновление, список изменений на английском:

Скрытый текст


* Classic
o Added the ability for MGs to use controlled breathing zoom when deployed to balance them out against rifles in Classic mode
o Bullet hitting player sounds are no longer exaggerated
o Fixed a bug where sometimes weapons could zoom in in classic mode when they shouldn't be able to
* Realism
o Can no longer use controlled breathing, or use focus zoom if under heavy suppression.
* Realism/Classic
o When suppressed the player will now experience increased weapon breathing/sway and screen/weapon buffeting effects that scale up with the current suppression level of the player.
o Stamina now has an increased effect on weapon breathing/sway when stamina is below 80% and above 25%
o Can no longer fire your weapon after going to iron sights while sprinting until the weapon gets back into the firing position
* Suppression now effects the screen/weapon "buffeting" effect when bullets whiz by the player. When more suppressed the screen will buffet more when a bullet whizzes by. Additionally, suppression bonuses from player progression, proximity to a hero, or being in cover will now reduce this buffeting affect as well.
* Bipod MGs have greatly increased accuracy and much less recoil when deployed. Tripod MGs have greatly increased accuracy
* Getting a battlefield commission should no longer cause the player to miss the initial spawn. Also, players who get a battlefield commission in the second round should now have enough time to use it.
* Can no longer use the quick grenade key during the round start countdown

Gameplay Bug Fixes

* Fixed bipod and tripod MG bullets from hitting the edges of an emplacement (window, sandbag, etc...) - This fixes an issue introduced in beta
* Fixed dropped weapon pickups getting automatically picked up sometimes
* Fixed bots sliding around the floor in the ref pose in Firefight
* Fixed commander sometimes not respawning properly in Countdown
* Fixed overtime not always ending after capping an objective in Territory
* Fixed commander automatically selecting their own artillery location. It was showing in the menu as selected, but it would not work properly when trying to launch artillery.
* Fixed squad leaders overriding each other's marked artillery targets
* Fixed a way to avoid spawn protection
* Fixed the allied smoke grenade not properly blocking vision (effects AI vision, enemy spotted, and peripheral indicators)
* Fixed the Stonewall achievement
* Fixed stamina not recovering when using a fixed MG
* Fixed a bug where when using a fixed MG sometimes it would sound like your own voice was coming from behind you


* Refinements to peripheral indicators making it more difficult to pin-point enemy locations
* Fixed remaining salvo text misplaced in the commander menu
* (Work in Progress) Added menu options to disable HUD Tips and/or Menu tooltips
* Fixed player names appearing outside the tooltip box in the team select menu
* Fixed some server filters being turned on (and saved) after using instant match


* Created a new system for being able to adjust the sounds of bullets hitting players. By default, for relaxed realism mode it is just like it is now, for realism mode the sounds of bullets hitting players are toned down, and for classic mode the sounds of bullets hitting players are at realistic volume levels. This setting is also adjustable for custom mode in webadmin.
* Adjusted the sound of the player breathing when in iron sights so that breathing out will more closely match the volume of breathing in (before breathing out was very quiet compared to breathing in). Also increased the volume of the iron sights breathing a little so that it is more obvious that the player is breathing. It should also now be more clear that the player is NOT holding their breath when controlled breathing is used, rather the player is breathing slowly and pausing between each breath.
* Some voice chatter was repeating itself that shouldn't be while other chatter was not repeating itself when it should be. Both issues have been fixed.
* Fixed a bug where when using a fixed MG sometimes it would sound like your own voice was coming from behind you


* More client and server performance improvements


* Mamayev Kurgan
o Updated Lighting
* Apartments
o Increased Allies reinforcements


Вкратце на русском:
- изменения в системе контроля дыхания, зуме и эффектах огневого подавления, действии усталости на мотание оружия при прицеливании
- увеличена точность пулемётов при стрельбе с сошек и станка
- перенастроены звуки попаданий в разных режимах и звук дыхания при прицеливании
- улучшения производительности клиентской и серверной частей
- обновлено освещение на Мамаеве, увеличены подкрепления у русских на апартаментах

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