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This is what I gathered from the interview.. Took a while, and I may have missed a few things but yeah.. Apologies if some of it doesn't make sense.

• The city itself will be used as a weapon - tap into any computers or infrastructure. Or the ''darkest secrets of the people living in Chicago.''

• The demo shown was just one example of what the players can do to achieve their objective.

• Aiden Pierce isn't good or bad, but neutral.

• The example given is that by causing collateral damage with civilians getting killed, giving a bad image towards the player.
- The other way in killing the person that was shown in the trailer could have been by tracking the guy down in the parking lot, and take him down there.
- This gives the player the choice in how he approaches his missions

• ''Online is in the DNA of Watch Dogs''
- The motto - ''Everything is connected, and connection is power''

• Two people were playing during the demo, one was playing as Aiden Pierce, and another person was playing as another character, which had his own objectives, and ''crossed paths''. Basically, both players had their own objectives and crossed paths.

• Their wanting to blend in multiplayer, online and singleplayer, in ways that haven't been done before.

• Their game was inspired by other games, such as Assassins Creed, in reference to open world. Day to day news from Chicago was also an inspiration.

• Powers will grow as the game progresses, and you get more and more powerful as you progress.

• Left questions raised as to whether Aiden Pierce is the only person in the world of Watch Dog that has the powers that Aiden himself has.

• New IP, with three ingredients involved,
- Talented team
- Time, with it being developed for two years, but definitely not being shipped this year, so a lot more time is available.
- Awesome technology such as a new engine to give the designers new tools to allow new things and a lot of detail.

• City is based on Chicago - heavily inspired by Chicago. Very similar.

• Poor districts or more wealthy districts will influence how you play and approach missions.

• You choose what to do with the information you gather on the civilians around the city, so not all civilians have ''dark secrets'', but those that do, you'll be given the option to act on it, for side-missions.
- These ''dark secrets'' may include prior criminal convictions, etc.
- The city and the media will have an impact on how you take action.

• Definitely not being shipped this year.
• Will support ''multiple platforms''


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