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Total War and consoles

It's never been a question of how you would control a Total War game on console that's held the core series back - the stumbling block has always been power.

"Total War on console, the reason it's not there has never been about control. There has never been a control reason not to have the game on console - that's not the problem. It's a difficult design problem, trying to figure out how to control a game like that with a pad, but even that is a solvable problem - it just requires some clever design," Simpson told Eurogamer (later acknowledging that SmartGlass and touch-screen controls would "make it much easier").

1/22 Spartan: Total Warrior - Creative Assembly's attempt to adapt the series for console.
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"We couldn't fit a Total War battlefield, with 10,000 guys, into any of the consoles. It just doesn't work.

"You can't fit a gallon into a pint pot, it doesn't go.

"That's clearly been the main constraint. Now, it may be that at some point in the future, some of those constraints disappear, and at that point, then yeah, some possibilities open up. I'm not saying that we'll actually go down those routes - it depends how things turn out.

"They're not there at the moment - those routes don't exist. They may, or may not, turn up in the future."

When Creative Assembly reassesses the suitability of Total War for the next generation consoles from Microsoft and Sony is "an interesting question". "Not yet, is the answer to that," Simpson said. "We're not in a position to do that yet."

Wii U is something Simpson hasn't "particularly" looked at. "But lots of other people look at that stuff," he said, "so it all goes in, into the mix."

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