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Metal Gear Solid is like the Olympics Kojima talks development

Metal Gear Solid 5 may be hiding under a cardboard box right now, but Kojima has laid another teasing tweet over at his official Twitter feed, comparing development of each new MGS game to the Olympics.

Translated by OPM, Kojimas tweet commented on development of the Metal Gear series, When asked what the MGS series is to you, I once responded, Its like the Olympics. A big event held every three or four years.

You devote your life to the major goal of a fight on the world stage, Kojima continued, You think of nothing beyond that. The latter half becomes difficult, and you think that youll retire after this. But after release, you think about the next tournament.

The next tournament could be Metal Gear Solid 5, Project Ogre or something else.

Either way, Kojima is to present a Metal Gear Solid 25th anniversary session in Tokyo on August 30th, and is expected to shed more light on his next project. Well have more nearer the time.

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