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Metal Gear Solid 5 ‘will launch Summer 2013 at the earliest’, says mo-cap actor

Metal Gear Solid 5 motion capture work is currently underway. Silent Hill 4 motion actor Eric Bossic has just finished some work on the game with Kojima Productions, but he has warned that the game is a long way from finished.

In an interview with Silent Haven, Bossic discussed his recent work with Kojima Productions, “My past motion capture session was for an upcoming Metal Gear game, I will be back with Kojima again in the fall, and maybe other sessions. This title is a long way off.”

When asked which Metal Gear project he was working on, Bossic added, “I am working on a future metal gear, not to be released until next year summer at the earliest, if not later then that. Im doing motion capture only.”

“I can 100% say my voice will not be involved in this. I dont even know what the title is, they are all very secretive and sometimes even the scenes I act out I dont even know the full story, because they want to keep it secret.2

“I suppose it is fine to mention I am working on it, everybody knows Kojima is making something now, and I posted the photo on my page here with him. The only thing is that I cant ever answer any questions about it or talk about, not for sometime.”

ааааА!!!! блин если реально выйдет в 13г, то это будет просто очередной взрыв игрой индустрии!

Соня под конец цикла пс3 просто жжет!!!!!
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