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Dark Souls 2 set in new time period, runs on updated engine

Dark Souls 2 has been featured in this weeks edition of Famitsu, along with an interview with From Softwares Hidetaka Miyazaki, which reveals new information about the games setting, enhanced engine, player interaction and DLC strategy. Weve picked out the best bits after the break.

Gematsu reports via translators Game Nyarth that the Dark Souls 2 reveal trailer shown at the VGAs was not in-engine, as confirmed in Miyazakis interview.

While Miyazaki is no longer directing the Dark Souls series, he is overlooking the games co-directors, and stressed that he would be leaving them largely to their own devices, and added that Dark Souls 2 will be set in the same world as the first game, but in a different time period. It will not necessarily be tied to the events of the first game.

On the DLC front, Miyazaki confirmed that paid weapon and item content would be unlikely, and that the games keyword is time although he offered no elaboration on the context. Dark Souls 2 will also run on a new engine that will help From Software achieve the near-realistic representation and character animation its aiming for, and finally, the studio is looking into new ways for players to interact directly in-game.

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