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Tomb Raider multiplayer includes team deathmatch, Rescue modes report

Tomb Raiders late-announced multiplayer will include at least two different modes, as well as character and loadout customisation.

According to details harvested from OXMs exclusive by Tomb Raider forum members, one available multiplayer mode is team deathmatch.

Players take on the role of shipwreck survivors or scavengers hostiles living on the island prior to the wreck with teams alternating between roles in best-of-three matches.

The preview apparently described the maps as not too wide open and equipped lever-triggered traps, climbing walls, and destructible environment items such as bridges.

The second mode described is called Rescue, and has players working together to collect and deliver med-packs to rotating drop-off points. Meanwhile, scavengers attempt to reach a kill tally to secure a victory.

In Rescue mode, players bleed out and can be quickly offed with a melee finisher.

Its not clear if there are further modes; global brand manager Karl Stewart is said to have referenced a potential third mode called Cry for Help, which will involve discovery and collection.

In all modes, players have access to a deep roster of characters not Lara, apparently with different stats and loadouts. Each has a primary firearm or bow, a sidearm, a grenade-like projectile and a climbing axe for melee. By earning XP, players can unlock new characters and customise existing ones.
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