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Ubisoft: Watch Dogs multiplayer is all about hyperconnectivity

Watch Dogs may have received an impressive single-player demo at Wednesdays PS4 reveal, but Ubisoft has been particularly quiet about the games multiplayer. Creative director Jonathan Morin decided to shed some light in a recent interview.

Speaking to Kotaku, Morin suggested the title will feature extensive online connectivity.

Watch Dogs is all about hyperconnectivity, he said. To me, that has to mean all the time and anywhere. So yes, other people are out there all the time, when you dont expect it. Whether youre playing single-player or multiplayer, its happening. Youre saying asynchronous but its much more real-time than that

Does this mean players can help Aidens progression? It seems the scope for multiplayer is huge in this one.

Well let players do pretty much what they want on those terms. And I think that whats interesting is that since were creating a fantasy that you can progressively control all of Chicago and monitor everything if you can do that you need to ask yourself if Aiden Pearce can do all of this, can anybody else out there do the same thing? And the answer is absolutely yes.
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