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Читал тут про реальные бои на Сайпане. Кто владеет инглишем может ознакомиться


Another cave I entered had a few wooden crates which held about twelve bottles of sake. I took them out, and my buddies surrounded me. The bottles were sealed on top with wax, so the men helped themselves to this find. The Japanese had poisoned the wine. One man died immediately, one went blind. The sake was destroyed. Booby traps were all over. The Japanese sugar mill in Charan Kanoa, had a so called spotter in the smokestack who would direct artillery fire to our beach line. He caused many casualties. He was finally spotted and eliminated. He was in the stack for two days. The day after this incident, I entered the sugar mill and saw the large leather belting that turned the mechanism that, in turn, crushed the sugar cane.

Собстно бой за Char(l)an Kanoa и изображен в РС
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