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The Crew

The first next-generation game showcased at Ubisoft’s E3 presentation is open-world racer The Crew, the promised new IP.

From Ubisoft Reflections and Ivory Tower, The Crew has players customising their vehicles and taking over rival gang’s territory. It’s set in the US, and will cover the whole country. We saw gameplay from Miami, with South Beach and more featured.

It has an emphasis on multiplayer in an online persistent world, blurring the lines between co-op, competitive and solo play. Every mission and event will be available in multiplayer or solo, with players surrounded by both AI and real players.

There are no lobbies; single-player and multiplayer exist seamlessly in the same world. Players can quickly invite their friends to come help them with missions.

There are “thousands” of 20 second trials scattered around the map to reward exploration.

In customisation mode, players can strip their car right down to the frame and build it up piece-by-piece with performance parts; it looked like this was rendered in real time as you do it.

Ubisoft called The Crew “the biggest game ever created”. A live multiplayer demonstration was shown which you can check out along with the trailer below.

CG мега крут, и задумка супер


но геймплейно хрень полная. и выглядит ужасно

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Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One

если тут модератор есть. то пусть перенесет в раздел консоли

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