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Mad Max

Avalanche shows off its Mad Max game

This trailer gives an atmospheric introduction to Avalanche’s third-person, open-world Mad Max game. During Sony’s E3 conference, the platform holder said the Road Warrior survivor kit will only be available on PlayStation 3, but the game is coming to PC and Xbox 360 as well.

We had expected Mad Max on next-gen hardware, but in a press release following the game’s E3 debut, Warner Bros listed only current-gen platforms.

You actually play as Mad Max, “a lone warrior in a savage post-apocalyptic world where cars are the key to survival”, struggling to srivive against gangs of bandits in The Wasteland. You’ll be tasked with various missions and must scour the landscape for supplies.

единственную не понятную фигню Сони анонсировала ^_^

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Mad Max: PS4 screens show ass-kicking in Avalanche’s new open world

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