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Footage of the PS4 version will debut at SOE Live (Aug 1 - 4).

Taking advantage of the native stuff (Remote Play, share, DS4 touchpad)

2 separate teams working on PS2 (PC team & PS4 team). PS4 team is porting the PC version including all the current updates and they're working with the PC team so all the future updates can be implemented in the PS4 version.

The game is being optimized for the PS4 hardware. Claims the PS4 version will look like the PC version running on a high end system with everything on max.

He assumes the PS4 version is behind the PS+ paywall just like every other PS4 online game [Yoshida has since confirmed the game won't require PS+ to play].

They want the game to be available at launch for the PS4, but they're not committing themselves to it. Will hold back the game if it's not ready when the system launches.

They've been spending a lot of time making sure the game is optimized for multithreading and taking advantage of the PS4's RAM.

Right now there's no PC-PS4 cross platform play. They have some ideas on how to bridge the versions [doesn't sound like gameplay], but nothing to announce at this moment. Might have something ready for SOE Live.

The PS4 version has some unique things like the DS4 touchpad support, but they want it to remain as close as possible to the PC version. Updates might not come as frequently or as fast as the PC version though cause of certification [they've done a really good job at keeping parity between the DCUO versions, so I doubt the delays will be long].
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