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Я русский язык не выставлял, но обновление скачалось.

А вот, оригинальный список изменений с офф. форума:
• Increased reinforcement numbers in classic mode to match other game modes
• Fixed a issue reloading some weapons when down to the last spare magazine
• Fixed an infinite spawn protection message that can happen when an objective is capped
• The upgraded (level 26+) German anti-tank rifle no longer fires Russian anti-tank rounds
• Fixed a commander role in ColdSteel that could spawn without a rifle
• Fixed some cases of camera clipping while prone
Known Issues
• Custom Rising Storm maps run on Classic mode servers will have some issues with certain roles not spawning with weapons until the map is recooked. This should not affect custom Red Orchestra 2 maps in Classic mode. Realism and Action mode are completely unaffected.

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