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A Chinese player’s reflections on the match

Здравствуйте, товарищи!
I am a member of 12thGGR, one of the clans that participated in the RU/CN match. I participated in the match as 12thGGR_Csm_Satchel. We defeated terribly in the match, and I want to make a few personal reflections on the event. (These are only my personal opinions and by no means represent the Chinese players that participated.)

I think we had some serious disadvantages as a team:
1. Our team was formed in a hurry within three days. This made arrangement very hard and cooperation between members almost impossible. Thus not much teamwork were done in the match.
2. Our members were not as experienced as well: most of us had honor levels below 90 and 200 some hours of play time.
3. Some players were arrogant and did not know both our and the RU team’s abilities.
4. The network was a serious problem for us. The ping made it impossible for us to do close quarters combat.

The original defense plan was to pin down the attackers by shooting from windows (as any defender would), but the high ping and package loss made it impossible.
We thought that we would just make it into the zones as attackers, which is not exactly a plan as well.
In Pavlov’s house, as attackers, we were to have squad leaders to sneak into the basements and spawn members there, but we didn’t even get close to the basement.

My views on Russian players:
1. You are really good at teamwork. (claps) Players always operate in groups and there’s no lone wolves.
2. You always respond quickly to threats i.e. snipers and machine gunners and take them out very quickly.

You are welcomed to our server and next time we won’t be defeated so easily. :P
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