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@ The Admins, Mapper and Bandits from the VTG-Team:

Why you steel [KgrGD]-Totenkopfs and my Tanks? Why you don't ask us if you want use it?

So in the end we must Bann now all Russians Players?

Should I or another player on your servers even find other tanks than the KgrGD-ISU's (RC 1), KgrGD-Jagdtiger, KgrGD-Jagdpanther and KgrGD-Jagdpanzer IV, ALL Russian Steam account banned forever on our Servers unless the clan from the right VTG (Voluntary Tank Group).

This does not apply if the Extensions Pack is released for public download.

But we do not let us steal !!
Hi! we do not use the card you made previously for us RO- [Kgr-GD] -Arad-Fischerdorf-VTG-edition, RO-Arad-Fischerdorf-editionVTG.
*The remaining cards are freely available on the Internet, we are not developers card also notify you that card, RO-Arad_Real_Forests9_Soviet_Attack, RO Arad_Real_Forests5_Winter, RO-Arad_Real_Forests_X_B3, are the property of the developer Vladimir.rus, and are not the property Pip21, please do not use data card as it does Pip21, also bring to you that your "friend Pip21" is the instigator and a crook who uses the name of our servers by signing their own personal evidence in the screenshot, I apologize to you if there is a misunderstanding, please visit http: //www.vtg -team.ru/ since we rarely visit this resource, you can also visit our TC-3 we have someone to communicate well in German.
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