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-Takes place in 2029, 2 years after Human Revolution
-Listed as single-player, no mention of multiplayer
-Jensen is part of a covert, goverment-sponsored task force called Task Force 29, a new bracnh of Interpol, to combat a new breed of terrorism
-Jensen doesn't full trust Task Force 29, also feeds intel to another covert organization called the Juggernaut Collective
-In true Deus Ex fashion, you often receive conflicting missions, neither can be fully trusted
-Boss encounters are designed in a way to allow players to approach any way they want (stealth, full combat, etc)
-Eidos won't comment on which ending it considers canon but is trying to string together different parts of each ending for the overall background of Mankind Divided
-Story is in many ways a story of redemption for Jensen
-The story they're telling is building to events that take place in the original Deus Ex
-With Mankind Divided, they're exploring the original game's past; "Is the depiction of past events from the original Deus Ex true? Will we discover stuff we never knew?"
-Added a lot of diversity to the environments
-Females are also now part of the regular enemies in the game
-One of Jensen's missions takes him to Utulek Station in Prague, now a ghetto for augmented individuals
-It is nicknamed "Golem City", based on the real life Kowloon Walled City
-Shops line the streets, temporary housing units stacked on one another reaching upwards toward the sky; claustrophobic atmosphere
-Mission to track down a leader of an aug group, but police have captured the informant
-Can choose to butter up the informant's wife for clues or cause a scene with the police
-Alternatively Jensen can bypass this area of the game altogether and find the leader's hideout on his own
-Mentions Jensen engaging in tense conversation with the leader, resulting in a diplomatic solution or violence
-Transhumans (augs) referred to as "clanks" by police
-"You can go full combat or full stealth throughout any part of the game"
-Side quests meant to be more meaningful; ex. players can choose to make deals with criminal organizations and its mob boss might call in a favor later interrupting main missions
-Doesn't want fetch quests, the team sees the extra quests as a way to explore the main themes of the game more deeply
-Features twice as many augmentations as Human Revolution

-Aug examples:

•Tesla: little darts pop out of Jensen's knuckles allowing him to tag enemies and take them out quietly
•Silent Run: Allows Jensen to move quickly across any floor without making a sound (can combine with cloaking)
•C.A.S.I.E.: Allows Jensen to analyze the mental state of individuals, helping him to respond adequately in conversations
•PEPS Gun: Non-lethal weapon that pops out of Jensen's bionic arm and fires a concussive blast allowing him to knock an enemy out, kill him or flee

-Augmentation features can be assigned on the d-pad for quick selection
-Augmentations consume a fixed amount of energy, when Jensen stops using them he regains a portion of it
-Can still refill his augs completely with bio cells, Eidos wants the recharge mechanic to encourage using augs more liberally
-New remote hack augmentation allows Jensen to activate shortcuts through areas to pass enemies
-No plan for Human Revolution saves to carry over, but Eidos is planning for a franchise now, want to expand further after HR's success
-No plans for a Deus Ex MMO
-Eidos noted fans who played stealthily enjoyed the game more so spent several years iterating on gunplay
-Mankind Divided's moment-to-moment action plays out like a series of set-piece moments, a 'remarkable feat' considering nothing is scripted
-Jensen can adjust his weapons at any point mid-battle, changing ammo type, firing pattern, scopes, etc
-Some enemies have external tech like exoskeletons and mechs to combat Jensen
-Variety of enemies have a diversity of weapons, augments, or other high-tech combat tools, some have high-jump abilities, etc
-Focused on making A.I. more aggressive, flanking, etc
-Certain elements of the environment now react to combat


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скрины конечно буллшоты на %80.

ну а CG не только не уступил HR, но и превзошел. один из лучших CG евер.

ждем!!!) жаль что скорей всего в 16. на Е3 будет геймплей.

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