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Ok, here's my UNOFFICIAL paraphrased transcript of the interview. This is NOT all verbatim.

I may have added or left out a few things, but I tried to get as much as possible and make it readable. I tried to preserve their style of speaking where possible.



Host introduces Dave and Bill, the RO devs. They explain the beta will have 3 maps.

They talk about the picture contest and say one guy is definitely in the lead.

Host: "Lite Brite one is pretty badass."

Interview begins:

Host: Thanks for making it. Good to have you here.

RODevs: Glad to be here.

Host: How did the deal with Valve come to be?

RODevs: After the Make Something Unreal contest and after we started Trip Wire, we were approached by several publishers who offered to fund us, including sums into the millions. We were excited and spent months negotiating with several of the publishers. Eventually they all backed out for one reason or another because they said we were too much of a risk.

We realized we weren't going to get a budget for milions of dollars, but we decided we were still going to make our dream game.

Our president, John Gibson, decided he wanted to get it released on Steam and he contacted Valve and they agreed to a Steam release.

Valve is really awesome. They gave us complete control.

It was definitely fate for us to self-fund and make this game. It gives us the opportunity to take risks we otherwise wouldn't be able to.

Host: Why did you choose RO:Ostfront 41-45 to be your first project? Why a WW2 shooter and not something else?

RODevs: When we started out at first, making this game, we were all hard core gamers playing online games. We didn't even meet in person until we started the company.

We had tons of experience with WW2 shooters. The Historical advisor we had, Alan...that dude.*laughs* I mean, that dude is a like a walking encyclopedia.

We though the best thing to do was to take the mod we had already created and totally improve on it, and then the turn around would be quicker than making a whole new game.

Host: Why do you think people will enjoy OST more than other WW2 games already out there?

RO Devs: I think what's really going to bring people to this game is the multiplayer aspect will be unlike anything out there.

RO has a very, like, raw and, like, gritty feeling and we want a player to feel they're like experiencing a war.

One thing people are going to like is that when you kill someone, it's a very gratifying feeling. I mean, there's no crosshairs in this game. You can shoot people from the hip, but it's very innacurate and very hard to hit anything. So when you go into iron sights and kill someone, you really feel like you've accomplished something.

One of the things I hate about other games is I can't stand when I sneak up on a guy and shoot him and then he just turns around and kills me. In RO, if you shoot a guy once and that's it. He's going down.

Another thing are the tanks in our game. We tried to make the tanks really realistic. If you're infantry and see a Tiger tank, there's very little you're going to be able to do it unless you have some specialized weapon, like a satchel charge for example.

Tankers can unhatch but dudes can shoot 'em if they do. ( I thought the 'unhatch' comment was cute ^_^)

Host: Question from Trippin Felix: We've heard alot about the improvement to the rifles, like resting them and such, but what has been done to improve the MGs, particularly the Russian MG?

RODevs: We've actually changed the hip shooting aspect. (*something I didn't hear about a less tight shot-grouping from the hip*) Gunning at the hip will take more skill. You can still rest it on places and that's where the weapon will shine.

If you're deployed over an area and some dude tries to charge you, dancing all over the place, your gonna own that dude that tries to run at you while your deployed.

Host: Question from Hudson: Besides Steam how esle are you going to promote the game?

RODevs: Well, mostly just word of mouth. We have our website and we're doing several interviews.

Valve helped us get onto PC Gamer and then all of a sudden other magazines wanted to interview us too.

But we really don't have the budget to advertise all over the place. It's all going to be underground, word of mouth kind of stuff.

Host: What have you guys tried to acheive with RO:Ostfront that you couldn't in the mod?

RODevs: Everything in the mod was remade from the ground up. There were so many things that we were limited on without access to game engine.

For example, for me, as the Lead Animator, it was very frustrating for me to animate the models with only 4 way movement. Now with access to the engine, we've implemented an 8-way movement system.

Host: Meaning players can move diagonally...

RO Devs: Right

Like with prone. In the mod, we had to, like, hack it. We completely wrote the code to make a player go prone beacuse it wasn't possible on the UT engine.

In Ost, we completely re-did prone and added a dive to prone feature. If you're running and come under enemy fire you can hit your prone key and you will immedietly do a dive to the ground.

We've also added crouched sprinting. You move slower and run out of energy quicker, but you can stay under cover as you sprint to a safer place.

Host: Another question from the public. What improvement have you made to supression?

RODevs: When your under fire from an MG and a round flies by your head, a blur effect kicks in and makes it hard to aim. In Retail you will definitely know when you're getting shot at.

Host: Another listener question. What's being done about nade spamming and grenade nukes that kill everyone and take away from the feel of a firefight?

RO Devs: *Laugh. Ask to repeat the question*

You can't throw a nade as far as you could in the mod. And with the new hit detection system, you have a higher chance of staying alive if you're prone.

Also, infantry will have a limited number of nades. Max of two, I believe. And it will be much more dangerous now for the person throwing the nade, too. If you get shot with a primed nade in your hand will blow up, killing you and injuring your team mates.

Host: You were talking about how you were going for a more gritty look for RO. I notice the hand textures look dirty and bloody. How do bullets sounds work you shoot it. will there be near/far sounds?

RODevs: Ya. Artillery has a distant sound. Tanks have distant sound. We didn't just make the same sound quieter either. It's actually a different sound when you hear it at a distance. If you've ever heard a gun shoot in real life, you know it actually sounds different at a distance. We've done the same in Retail.

Host: Will it have 3D Direct sounds like in CoD and those type games where you can tell where a sound is coming from?

RODevs: Oh ya, we have it set up where you can tell where its coming from if your speakers are set up correctly. You can hear people's footsteps. Like, I was playing and I'd hear someones footsteps coming up behind me and I'd lay waste to him if he was an enemy. Or sometimes it would be a friendly.

Also, with the new sounds tanks are really scary now if your infantry in Ost.

Host: Can you elaborate on the ways you will discourage spawncamping?

RODevs: If someone wants to be an ass and spawncamp and they cross a certain point on the map that is by the other team's spawn, it will be like a minefield. And it'll blow him up.

Also, let's say someone's being a jerk and they're blowin up tanks at the spawn and ruining it for other players, we've made it so they cant do that. We've tried to think of all the asholes out there and the things that they can do to ruin a game and of ways to stop them.

Host: Will there be an anti-cheat program released with Ost?

RODevs: We're not ready to announce a specific program just yet, but I can tell you there will definitely be an anti-cheat program released with RO. We will be announcing it soon.

We're very worried about madhackers coming in the game with the influx of new players. We don't want any of that going on.

Host: Question from Trippin Felix. Will there be different add-on mods for the guns, let's say like for the scoped SVT or the G-43 that you can take on or off and have it affect your weight and walking speed and stuff?

RODevs: No, we don't have addons for the guns but, hey, it's a good idea! The way the scoped G-43 and SVT will work is just as an optional sniper rifle.

But the new scopes have trade off's. I would prefer a bolt-action for sniping. But in close quarter situations it's better to have the auto for those extra fast shots. A bolt-action in tight spots can put you at a disadvantage.

Host: A question from Zetsumei. Will tanks have gears and will it take more time to change positions or exit a vehicle?

RO Devs: We were really torn about this issue and in the end we decided not to put gears in the tanks. But maybe in the future we can add that in.

As far as it taking more time to switch between positions, we want to add that in the future, but it won't be implemented in the first release, either.

There are no gears, but there is a throttle control so you can give it less throttle and go a bit slower.

We've also added a new view in tanks without periscopes that allows you to press your head up against the driver slit for a better view. That way, you won't have to stick your head out and expose yourself to fire.

Host: Any new features or content planned for after the release?

RODevs: We definitely want to add morestuff but we can't say exactly what at the moment.

Host: Oh come on, a hint!

RODevs: If things go really well, you can expect additional weapons and maps.

This game is our baby so we want to constantly improve on it.

We're very exited about custom community content, too. It's the support we get from the community that will make or break us.

Host: Can you tell us about the gore effects in game

RO Devs: I'll let Dave handle this one, that's his specialty.

Dave: I'm responsible for the gore effects in the game.

When I went to art school I wanted to make gore effects in movies so when it came time to make efects in Red Orchestra, I tried to use as much of that experience as I could. Alot of designers will just make their effects with Photoshop. I made real blood splatter with a turkey baster and then sampled it so you would have realistic blood dripping and stains in the game.

We wanted to have realistic gore effects, but not exagerate. You can lose limbs from grenades, big shells and artillery. If you lose your arm, for example, you'll see a bone shard sticking out where your arm was and see the severed arm next to you.

We also made it possible for a direct hit to completely vaporize you and all you'll see is blood and a few chunks and maybe a hand flying. It doesn't happen too often, though.

Bill: One of my favorite things to do is get the PRTD, which is for armor, you know. I like to hide out somewhere and shoot at infantry and I mean, this does some massive damage. I mean, you can blow dudes head's off like you see in the video with the T-60.

But we didn't go too far to the point that it's unrealistic.

Our tanks have Armor Piercing and High Explosive ammo. High Explosive is devestating against infantry. If you shoot infantry with HE, I mean, that dude will explode!

Host: It's good to hear you're having so much fun with the game. It's great your making a game that you enjoy yourself, you know.

RO Devs: Ya man, its definitely not about the money. It's about making badass games that we want to make and play. That's why it's good that we're self-funded. You don't have to go through 50 people to implement something you want.

Host: Listener question. What type of admin commands will there be?

RO Devs: We have alot of standard UT commands. I'm not certain of our whole list. they may want to post on the forums about that and maybe another developer could answer that.

If someone's being a jerk and TK'ing, the auto-kick feature will be in.

Host: Listener question. Are there any improvements for teamwork?

RO Devs: Oh definitely, man. We thought of creative ways to give the gamer more feedback to help them work as a team.

In the Overhead Map, you will see a flashing icon when an objective is being taken by the enemy, letting you know you better get there quick.

We have new icons for artillery coordinates and commander's orders that will also appear on your map.

In the game sometimes you'd be capping an area and all of a sudden the cap indicator would stop but you wouldn't know why. Now, we've added more information on the capture meter so you know how much manpower you have or need to take it and you know that the opposing side is present and stopping you from capping.

Also, when an MG'er asks for ammo you will see it in your map so you can find him and give him ammo.

The commander can now pull down his map and click on it to set Rally Points anywhere on the map. He doesn't need to do it with binocs.

Host: What are your future projects?

RO Devs: We're all very excited to get to use the new UE3 engine. We can't say what it is yet, but man, we have some very cool ideas! It could be a Red Orchestra sequel or it could be something else, but it will be badass!

When we first started the company, we were torn. We wanted to jump in right way into UE3, but in the end we decided to push out RO on the 2.5 engine and if it's successful, that will give us the income to make something really awesome on UE3.

Host: Listener question. Will there be flamethrowers?

RODevs: No plans for flamethrowers as of now. But I'd like to see them in game. If we can figure out a way to do it right, we will. But it's probably better to wait until the UE3 engine. I'm all about the flamethrowers, man!

Host: More listener questions. Can infantry hitch a ride on tanks?

RO Devs: That's something we really wanted to do, but it won't be implemented in the first release. But it's on our list.

Host: What abotu bots? Can you tell a bot from a player in game?

In the mod, our bots were dumb as rocks. They're smarter now. They can drive tanks better and you can issue commands to different groups of bots to go somewhere.

But it's all about multiplayer. Bots are there more for just practice.

Host: Will the game have full mod support?

RODevs: Definitely. We're going to have a full SDK and several tutorials released along with the game. We want people to make content for our game. There will be lots of support with many tutorials released.

Host:Will there be support for clan matches like a demo recorder, stopwatch, etc.?

Ya, there are many new abilities for clan match support including a demo recorder. Not sure about a stopwatch.

We've done alot of enhancements to spectating a match. In the mod it was very limited. But now, we have alot of spectating options.

We also have it setup so if a server doesn't want people to be floating around the map in spectator mode, they can turn off the camera if they want to play really hardcore.

Host: OK. And now the final question: When will RO be available?

RODevs: All I can say is March.

Host: Aww, come on. Tell us!

RODevs: *Laughs* I already talked to the other guys about this and they'll cut my balls off if I say anything. All I can say is March.

This game is our baby we want to make sure everything is right.

The game is done. I can guarantee that it will be March. We want to make sure there are no annoying bugs, things like that.

Host: Who makes the decision on what you can say?

RODevs: Us. And I mean us, not as in just us two, but as in all the board of directors together. There's no, like, head honcho we have to report to or anything.

Host: One last question from the listeners. Is your game going to have bunnyhopping?

RODevs: (Bill, I think) OK, all I have to say is *laughs* ...I always love to see when someone plays our game and tries to bunnyhop. They will get annihalated. That's one thing that annoys the hell out of me. When a dude hops like crazy and I can't kill him. I assure you, that will not be a tactic that will be rewarded in RO.

They announce picture winner

Jack the ripper wins!

One of the hosts says: "Id hate for him to commit seppuku."

Host: This has been a great interview please don't leave we're gonna have a...

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