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I write in English, because i only red ay translated version of this page, and dont speak russian.

You can put the Server Admins to the Blacklist.
Angriff.Info_Doom_Schneider flys one day trough the map.
The next day he promised to only use Aimbot. Wow what a Admin.

And Angriff.Info_Mhoabat is using Speedhack, he is at enemy side before the rest of the team reaches middle.

Why is the Server Clan a cheater Clan?
Can´t you play without cheats?
And i wonder why i rocked all Servers on the Free Weekend, and suck on maryno....

Im sure my postz and my account will be deleted soon, because i told the truth.
Angriff_Info is a cheater clan, and even if they sponsor the Server, the destroy it by cheating.
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