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Нужно перевести следующий текс:

[-] April 11, 2006 (current release)

* Added the Friendly Fire Punishment options to the webadmin and in game server configuration menus for easier access
* Added the Death Message Mode settings to the webadmin and in game configuration menus for easier access
* Added the ability to see the all player's Steam ID in game. Type the command "ListPlayers" to get a list of all player's IDs

Bug fixes

* Fixed a bug where webadmin would stop responding and the server's ping would show as "?" in the server browser
* Fixed a memory leak that affected both clients and servers. This memory leak would essentially cause two maps to be loaded into memory at the same time greatly increasing ram and CPU usage
* Fixed a recoil related bug affecting both bolt action rifles and semi automatic rifles that would cause the shot to be far off of where the player aimed occasionally when playing online
* Fixed a bug where TK banning was not working properly
* Updated Linux server with improved stability
* Fixed a typo in the server browser heading
* Fixed an exploit where players could have no both no motion blur and no alternate "blackout" effect by using certain driver and setting combinations
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