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We Come In Peace!
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Smile Новый Патч уже почти здесь - скрины стволов и карт

Нет времени написать новость пока, но вот пока все что есть. Так же было пару новостей о модах к игре включая итальянскую компанию (может Флинт займется) - http://www.campagna-italiana.com/

As everyone has been waiting so patiently for news (ummm, really), here is a quick update for you. Next patch will be available in the next few days (unless something blows up badly). We're into the final couple of days of testing, all things being equal.
As a thanks for waiting - some details on what is in the patch:
  • 2 new weapons – Russian M44 rifle and German MP41 SMG
  • The map Arad has received a visual facelift
  • Optimizations to decrease memory usage and decrease load times
  • Many many bug fixes including:
    • Fixed: “Gray Sniper Scope” bug
    • Fixed: having to close the game and re-login through Steam if your Steam login was expired
    • Fixed: penetration system for Tanks
    • Fixed: “Blank Firing” weapon bugs
  • Tweaked armor and shell penetration values for several vehicles, including the Tiger and T-34s (both models)
So, just to whet everyone's appetite, some pictures - the first ones of the updated "Arad":

And a couple of shots of the new weapons for you:

We hope you enjoy all these - there will be more on the follow-up patch in a little while, as well as more on European distribution in the next few days.

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