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Ok, i read all the topiks about you TERM, i was disappointed in you... i belive my russian friend says true... it's not normal to say on other people: that they are bad, or "it's bad that you are from Moskow"...
Moskow is the best city in world, either St.Petersburg... Russia is best country for me... i like all countryes... Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Serbia and many more... every country is good for those people who lives there... And you know, if you say that russia is bad, so russian will say that Estonia is bad... Many russians don't like baltic republics because people in those republics strike russians at the rights...
So, you must apologize to everyone...
And more... I don't like to say to you that, you are a good player, but 100% of our old clan mates, old mates(those who started that clan) don't wan't to see you in T-34 clan... So, it's bad, but you not in T-34 anymore... Sorry, but it's only your fault...
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