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Hi!! Some1 tell me WTF is that?????????????? SOme1 played on my nick and he was a TK!!! I 'magicaly' gain 500 deaths ://// Some1 tell me why any can play on ur nick and rise/down ur rank/kd????? :/ Im sooooo pisssed off like ever.... this TK make me down on 2nd rank and destrowyed my kd from 1.66 to 1.3 :////// some1 can tell me why?? and if is there a possibility to repair it?? and is there a possibility to assaign nick to steam account?? coz some1 told me that it can be assigned to ip but in my network i have changable ip.... plz answer me in english coz my internet browsez has 'wierd signs' when i chage forum languaghe to englis... and sry for my poor english...
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