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Exclamation Вышел патч 1007!

Будет доступен завтра через стим. Сервера тоже обновятся

RO Retail 1007 Full Changelog


- Added the M44 bolt action rifle which features a permanently attached bayonet.
- Added the MP41 submachine gun.
- Added localized French language files. Users selecting French as their language in the Steam UI will now get French in RO as well.
- Added the base code for flying and hover vehicles back into the engine so modders can use them.


- More robust and improved Steam error handling including letting the user re-login inside the game when their steam login has expired (prevents the user from having to exit the game and re-login using “File->Changeuser").
- Grenades can no longer destroy tanks.
- Slightly increased the distance you can fall before hurting your legs.
- Modified the BA64 armored car physics so that the vehicle will be more stable.
- Bloom now defaults to off when a user first runs the game
- Updated German Localization files including a German game manual
- The Team and Role selection screens no longer consider someone "on a team" unless they have already selected their team and role. This will prevent it "looking" like the teams are balanced when a new player is choosing a team, even when they aren't.
- Tweaked some armor and cannon shell penetration values. Increased frontal armor on the Tiger, decreased frontal armor on the SU76, and decreased armor for the T60. Increased the power of the Tiger's cannon.


- Reduced the file sizes for game content to improve loading times and reduce ram usage. Total file size reduction of about 80 megabytes.
- Vehicle and weapon animation packs were split up to reduce file sizes needed to be loaded for each map.


- Fixed a bug where the 3d sniper scopes would gray out and the player would be unable to see anything through them.
- Fixed the software renderer not working which would give the user a “No Video” error if they selected the software renderer.
- Fixed a bug where tank shell penetration damage for internal components was not functioning correctly.
- Fixed a bug where projectile weapons would "fire blanks" when firing the weapon right after switching weapons.
- Fixed a bug where the panzerfaust hit effects and hit decal were not appearing online.
- Fixed artillery exploits on some maps
- Fixed headgear not lighting properly once it falls off the player's head.
- Fixed a bug where grenade fuses were decrementing at double speed before the grenade was thrown. This had the result of generally causing grenade fuses to be too short when the grenade was cooked at all.
- Fixed a bug where melee would not work for Russian submachine guns that were out of ammo.
- Fixed a bug where the wrong set of weapon animations would be played in third person
- Fixed the "No Recoil" bug/exploit where there would be no recoil if a player’s frame rate was really low.
- Fixed an exploit where you could reload your weapon while it was put away.

**Map Changes**


- Fixed tree line bug that would cause players to warp online when walking through the treeline
- Optimizations to improve frame rate
- Added grass and additional detail (able to add more detail due to frame rate optimizations)
- Added breakable glass in enterable buildings


- Moved Russian spawn closer to objectives so they have a better chance of winning the map
- Added machine gun roles to both sides


- Changed win conditions on map from 4 to 3 objectives to prevent the stalemates on the map, both banks are still required to win.
- Changed the capture time for both bank objectives so they can be captured more easily.
- Lowered the available amount of artillery for both sides
- Fixed a bug with exiting vehicles on the frozen river where players would fall through the ice when exiting a vehicle


- Lowered the amount of available artillery for both sides


- Changed available tanks for both sides: Russian gets additional T34/76 tanks and Axis get additional PIVF2s to counter the Russian T34/76
- Russian sapper has been removed to counter BA satchel spamming
- Axis artillery effectiveness enhanced by shortening the time it takes to start the barrage.


- Fixed a terrain exploit


- Re added small ledge on courtyard wall to give the Axis side an extra entry point into the courtyard
- Lowered reinforcement counts: Allies 150 (was 200); Axis 180 (was 200)


- Changed mine volumes on map border to prevent players from getting killed when walking close to the edges of map.
- Fixed an objective bug where the map could become unwinnable under rare circumstances


- Adjusted fluid surfaces from ‘spiking’ when multiple players passed through them


- Fixed some terrain exploits


- Destroyable objectives will become inactive when middle three objectives are capped to prevent confusion
- Added mine volume to prevent spawn blocking at Axis middle spawn
- Removed double artillery call on one of the radio’s in Control Tower


- Limited the available number of the Axis Assault class to 5
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