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We Come In Peace!
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Exclamation Скрины и патч

Скрины и патч

В преддверии патча были опубликованы четыре скрина нового ствола в игре - полуавтоматической немецкой винтовки Gewehr 41 (Mauser или Walther - черт его знает). А также стал доступен полный список исправлений и добавлений в патче 1.022.


- Added the German G41 Semi Automatic Rifle.

- All new Russian voice commands.

- Improved jogging animations for the players.

- New ammo pickup system. Ammo is now dropped as belts or pouches which contain all of the ammo held for a particular weapon. This replaces dropping lots of individual ammo magazines which was cumbersome and made it difficult to choose what the player wanted to pickup.

- Player ragdolls are now affected by explosions from grenades, artillery, and HE rounds.

- New weapon pickup system. The player will now automatically drop their current weapon when attempting to pick up a weapon of the same weapon family (small arms for small arms, nades for nades, etc).

- Added an option to use the native (non-translated) role names which we had in previous releases. Under Configuration->Hud check the "Use Native Role Names" box to enable this feature.

- New custom death icons for panzerfaust kills and sniper kills.

- Russian language localized version (а вот и 1С тянет диски по лобазам )

- Fire mode icon for weapons with selectable fire modes (STG44).


- Rendering optimizations for Lyes Krovy


- If a player attempts to mark an artillery position on a level where there is no artillery for their team they will now receive a message letting them know that there is no artillery available. This makes it clearer for new players why they can't call in arty on some maps.

- Players that are not commanders will no longer get "Press Use to Call Arty" messages from artillery radios.

- PTRD Soldiers (PT Soldat) now get binoculars to assist in spotting long range targets.

- Made the STG44 fire animations appear smoother.


- Fixed dead players turning black before disappearing.

- Fixed a bug where the Unit Descriptions weren't being displayed online.

- Fixed localization (non-English text) not working properly with objective names and descriptions.

- Fixed a bug where artillery radios that were able to be used by either team would not show up on the overhead map.

- Fixed various map related bugs.

- Fixed the TC Mod ini file being named "UT2k4Mod.ini". The file should now be called ROMod.ini.

- Fixed a bug where you could not set rally points or mark artillery positions with binoculars in the commander seat of the T34/76.

- Fixed an animation issue with the STG44 and the MG34 where they would appear to "jerk" if the fire button was held down longer than the fire animation.

- Fixed an exploit where the iron sight animation could be frozen in place on semi automatic weapons or semi auto fire modes.

- Fixed a bug where if you fired the coaxial MG on a tank turret until it reloaded after your primary ammo was out, it would instantly consume all of your coaxial MG ammo.

- Fixed a bug where weapons and ammo would be picked up automatically if you were touching them when they disappeared.

- Fixed a bug where if you dropped a weapon while you had a weapon on your back, the weapon would remain showing on your back, even though it was actually in your hands.

- Fixed a collision issue where you could fire a tank shell through the lower part of the Panther's turret and it would pass right through without doing any damage.

- Fixed a bug where you could get in "invisible" bayonet if trying to mount the bayonet during charging the butt smack.

- Fixed various bayonet exploits.

- Fixed an exploit where you could instantly mount/dismount a bayonet by pressing the bayo attach button while changing weapons.

- Fixed a problem where the team channel selection button would not work in the French language version. (Note, delete the user.ini file to regenerate a fixed one).

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