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Видео и полный список изменений из нового патча

Видео и полный список изменений из нового патча

Все желающие могут теперь в динамике увидеть новую карту Данциг, а также оба транспортных средства - Pz IV H с бортовыми экранами и Universal Carrier. Видео можно забирать тут

Вот полный список грядущих изменений на английском языке (чуть позже добавлю перевод)

Free Fall Booster Pack Changelog


- New Level – Danzig features intense, close-quarters infantry combat in a bombed out city environment. Resurrected from the mod and rebuilt from the ground up, this level features highly enhanced visuals and improved gameplay all the while staying true to what made the original Danzig great.

- New vehicle - Panzer IV H German Medium Tank. The Panzer IV H is an up gunned and up armored late war version of the Panzer IV. It also comes equipped with schьrzen - additional side armor plates to deflect panzerfaust and anti-tank rifle rounds. The Panzer IV H replaces the Panzer IV F2 in several maps.

- New vehicle - Universal Carrier Russian Armored Troop Transport. The Universal Carrier was provided by the British to the Soviets to support their war effort. This was the most numerous armored transport vehicle used by the Soviets during the war, with over 2,600 seeing combat. It is lightly armored, armed with a DT light machine gun and carries a total of 6 passengers. The Universal Carrier replaces the BA64 in several maps.

- Added support for the Logitech G15 Keyboard. The implementation provides native support for the G15 LCD Screen, giving 4 different modes on the LCD, switch able just by pressing the LCD "soft buttons". These four modes are:

Mode 1: Player and vehicle status
Mode 2: Objective list and status for the current map
Mode 3: Player scores
Mode 4: Net stats

- Added ROTV game spectating and “shoutcasting” functionality. ROTV is a way to set up a special proxy server that LOTS of spectators can connect to and watch RO matches. A primary client connects and acts like the "cameraman", and then the additional clients spectate the match from the cameraman. This allows games to be viewed and shown to large numbers of spectators, without adding vast loads to game servers. The cameraman can also broadcast his voice using the built in VOIP to all of the people spectating the match. Ideal for "televising" clan matches and tournaments!

- Added enhancements to the game engine to allow for MUCH longer view distances. Previously, the engine was limited to view distances of just over 1,000 meters. Now mappers can set that distance out to 2000, 3000 or even 4000 meters - ideal for those long-range tank engagements! We will put instructions for changing these settings in the custom mapper forums soon after the release. NOTE: Currently there are no official released Tripwire Interactive maps that take advantage of this functionality. But we wanted to get this functionality into the hands of the community as quickly as possible, so we decided to go ahead and release it to you.

- New camouflage skins for all camouflaged German tanks and enhanced skins for the snow versions of all Russian tanks.


- Many modifications/improvements to the infantry carried machine gun functionality. MGs are now quite a bit more accurate, with less recoil. MG34 single fire mode is much more accurate.

- You can no longer bring up your iron sights while diving to prone. When diving you must now wait until you hit the ground before raising your weapon sights.

- Tweaks to the vehicle hit detection to more precisely determine the angle the shell hits the armor at.

- Tweaks to the vehicle hit detection system to more precisely determine which side a shell hits the tank on.

- Updated smoke grenade effect (has a bit more “motion”)

- Removed switching scope modes with the F12 key. This was a leftover from the mod that was meant to be removed originally. Rapidly switching scope modes in game caused visual bugs.

- Updated the game credits to reflect a new sound source.

- Removed the PPD40 and MP41 from several maps that they really shouldn’t have been on.


- Fixed the tank cannons firing blanks under certain lag related conditions.

- Fixed a hit detection issue where tank shells hitting the front of the SU-76 Turret area would incorrectly be detected as rear or side hits, resulting in shots not penetrating when they should.

- Fixed an issue where there would be a lot of chugging, stuttering, and hard drive caching when first walking around a map, even when precaching was on. NOTE: This change only affects users who have precaching enabled. Basically, texture and geometry precaching was not working properly.

- Fixed some Russian hull MGs firing German bullets instead of Russian bullets.

- Fixed German hull MGs having an incorrect ROF (600 RPM instead of 850 RPM).

- Fixed a bug where if someone else hopped into a tank cannon while it was reloading after another player had fired it, the new player would fire a blank round.

- Fixed the player appearing to "levitate" when standing up from prone under certain lag related conditions.

- Fixed firing blanks if the player pressed the fire button either during or very shortly after a prone transition.

- Fixed getting stuck infinitely reloading the bolt sniper rifle if you picked up an empty sniper rifle and tried to reload it.

- Fixed a typo in Barashka

- Fixed in-game news quickly disappearing after the server browser was opened.

- Fixed vehicle weapons (other than tank cannons) getting stuck not rotating and not showing the tracers going in the right direction if two players had used the same vehicle position.

- Fixed vehicle weapon gunners/commanders getting stuck not animating hatch/unhatch or move up/move down animations if 2 players had used the same vehicle position.

- Fixed the BA64 MG Position weapon view getting visually skewed when rotating the gun while the vehicle was on a slanted surface.

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