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You are not happy, of course, but it is not the end of a case. You see, we have common server policy - admin have the right to decide. As you enter the server you agreed to obey.
And I was not told that I was breaking any rules, except for those against hacking, which as the demo establishes, should be clear that I wasn't doing.

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The demo you wrote is clear off cheats to me, but admin told he banned you for something that took place before. Nominaly he can ban any player at will, if he fill it would benefit the server and players. Meanwhile nobody does that way - we just dont like it here in Russia.
And what would this something be? For playing on the server? For capping flags? Shooting him in the game? That's all I was doing so I don't see what the deal here would be.

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P.S. When you guess somebody's age why not to start with userinfo?
Easier to judge people by their actions than their age, which in all cases does not tell the whole story about the person.

It's not big deal. I mostly wanted to get unbanned because of princible. Not getting punished for something I didn't do. It was my first time on your server and I didn't do anything wrong, as far as I could tell, so I felt that I shouldn't have been banned, or deserved a clear justified reason for getting banned.
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